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Caru’ cu Bere (1879)

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Caru’ cu Bere (The Beer Cart) is a true Bucharest institution, a famous beer-house that was in the past a favorite place for Bucharest literati and bohemian society, and today is famous for the stunning interior decoration, the great atmosphere, the live music and dances, and the huge plates of appetizing local food. 

The legendary beer house was opened in the late 19th century by the Transylvanian-born Nicolae Mircea who previously had learned the trade as a tavern keeper in Bucharest. He traveled to Bavaria to get inspiration from the Bavarian beer houses and made a deal for the beer with the Romanian industrialist Dumitru Marinescu “Bragadiru”, who had opened a brewery just a few years ago. In quite a short time Caru’ cu Bere became popular for the good beer and for the famous Romanian “mititei” (a popular local dish, juicy skinless sausages made of spiced ground meats grilled over charcoals). Caru’ cu Bere was a bohemian place frequented by writers and actors of the time. The owner used to support students coming from Transylvania to Bucharest by giving them a free meal every day.
Featuring a Romantic facade with medieval Gothic elements, Caru’ cu Bere delights with the carpentry, the frescoed walls, the gleaming brass and the stained glass windows of the interior, and is emblematic for the glittering Bucharest Belle Epoque. Over the years famous guests stepped in, like the rock band Rolling Stones or Japan’s Crown Prince.

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