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Capsa House

Motto: “There was once a Bucharest elite that has all been at Capsa, as Capsa has been through all its salons.”
“A fost odată o elită bucureşteana care a trecut toată pe la Capşa, după cum Capşa a trecut prin toate saloanele ei.” (A. Kiriacescu)

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Founded in 1852, the legendary confectionery and coffee-house Capsa literally made history. At the height of its glory, it used to be a regular meeting place of the high aristocracy and leading political figures, who used to have secret political talks at Capsa.

Brothers Capsa’s pastry shop had already gained a good name in Bucharest when they decided, in 1868, to move to larger quarters, in a former boyar house, at the corner of then Podul Mogosoaiei (Calea Victoriei) with Edgar Quinet, where it still stands today. (see an old picture of Capsa) The youngest of the brothers, Grigore, had learned the trade with the best pastry chefs of Paris. Soon Capsa House became the official supplier of the Princely Court, and later, of the Royal Court.

A restaurant and the famous café were later added. The venue had the most selected clientele, consisting of the wealthy aristocracy of the time, and the name Capsa became synonymous with distinction and nobility. During the Russo-Turkish war in 1877, Great Duke Nikolai of Russia and his suite would take their lunch at Capsa. Over time, Capsa received high-ranking guests such as the Emperor Franz Josef or celebrities such as the French actress Sarah Bernhardt! In the 1930s the coffee house was the meeting point for literati, glitterati, actors and artists.

Capsa retained its symbolic status uninterruptedly to our days, even during the decades of communist regime. Today Capsa still sells the best confectioneries in town.

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