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Private Bucharest Food & Culture Tour (6 hrs)

Romanian traditional mici mititei

Tour type: food & drink, local life, culture

Tour information

6 hours 

130 EUR/1-2 people
150 EUR/3-4 people

• Hotel pick-up and drop-off
• Samples of savory/sweet pastries at artisan bakery
• Samples of artisan meats and cheese at the farmer’s market

• Cost of optional lunch at the restaurant

• Cost of other pastries, local deli, fruits etc you may like to purchase during the tour


I invite you to this excellent food & culture tour, perfect for those seeking to experience the local culture through traditional and typical local food, while discovering some of Bucharest’s major sights and landmarks. The different stops will take you around the central area of the city and the enticing Old Town, and I will point out the important sites, architectural highlights and local hot spots.

Along the way we visit a bakery and Bucharest’s largest farmer’s market, chance to immerse into local atmosphere and sample artisan meats, local cheese etc. At the end of the tour, optional lunch to a fine Romanian restaurant in the Old Town. 

I always pick the best locations so you can experience the best quality of local food – artisan bakeries, handcrafted delis, restaurants using locally grown ingredients etc.


  • This is mostly a walking tour (around 3 km, or 2 miles). We use the car to transfer from your hotel to the starting point of the tour and back at the end of the tour, and to get to the farmer’s market. If walking is a problem please let me know and I will adapt the tour for you.
  • Please let me know about any food allergies.


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  • • sample savory or sweet pastries at artisan bakery
  • • browse the stalls with local produce at the biggest farmer’s market in Bucharest, experience the hustle and bustle, colors and savors
  • • discover central Bucharest, with some of the most important landmarks including cultural restaurants and local favorite spots

What to expect

– We start the tour from a popular central district, with a first stop to an artisan bakery to sample savory or sweet pastries, as you prefer. 

– Then, we have a walk around nearby area, to see some major historical and cultural landmarks. 

– Next, transfer by car to Bucharest’s largest produce market, some 2 miles away from the city center. Learn about seasonal fruits, veggies and greens (you may buy some if you like) and sample artisan meats and local cheese from Transylvanian store

– Back to the city center and enjoy a stroll around the pedestrian Old Town, Bucharest’s trendy entertainment and dining hub packed with cafes, pubs, restaurants and not only. Discover some more landmarks and get tips for the best restaurants and hot spots. We may end up with lunch to a local favorite restaurant (optional) or with sweet pastries from a good pastry shop. 

To request a guided tour or get more information, please use the form below. I will answer every message personally within the next 24 hours, providing details of availability, booking and payment. 


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