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Babele Plateau & Sphinx of Bucegi Tour September 2013

October 2, 2013

I had one of the most memorable trips ever to Babele Plateau in the Bucegi Mountains during one of my recent tours, and made new friends in the process! We ended the day by having a cup of tea (and sharing a cabbage salad:) in the most perfect place I could have wished for:)

It was terribly windy up on the plateau, but getting to the Sphinx of Bucegi was a mission accomplished:)

Special mention for the restaurant in Busteni that we found by chance! Just opposite the train station there is the lovely Casa Taraneasca Restaurant. Unpretentious, but authentic and warm ambiance, simple and tasty Romanian food, and everything arrived in the blink of an eye! We each had a cup of hot tea, shared a cabbage salad and had the steak and fries packed just in time to catch the train:)


Tour link: 2-Day Tour Peles & Bran Castles, Brasov, Babele Plateau

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